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We Roast to Order! Our Freshness and Authenticity is Guaranteed…

100% Kona Coffee is know worldwide as an Arabica variety coffee bean of rich flavor, exceptional aroma, mild acidity with a smooth taste. At Langenstein Farms, we roast three distinctly different roasts to appeal to the wide spectrum of subjective tastes. The lighter the roast, the more bean flavor and the dark the roast, the more roast flavor. Medium Roast The lightest roast which delivers the highest caffeine and the most roasted coffee flavor. A full brown color with a slight sheen to the bean and the most true coffee bean flavor. Relating to a steak, this would be a rare cooking and allows one to ‘taste the bean’ instead of just the roast. Vienna Roast This is our middle roast which is nicely full-bodied, with spots of oil on the surface of the bean. a little darker sheen and moderately caffeinated. A little darker roast brings out more roast flavor, offering a little more heartier flavor with the subtle addition of just a hint of carbon and a little less caffeine. On the steak comparison, this would be a medium rare or medium preparation. French Roast This very dark and oily roast, reduces the caffeine by maybe a third, shows oil on the bean and has a significant carbon flavor. This roast goes well for the Starbuck customer without the bite or bitterness and is great for desert or sweets after a big dinner as it helps in digestion and the full or stuffed feeling. Some also use this for espresso as it will concentrate the caffeine content and offer a wonderful sweet creama. Langenstein Farms does everything from growing a great bean to offering quality roasting to ensure you the finest cup of coffee you’ve had. We aim to please, so if our choice of roasts does not suit your taste, please don’t hesitate to email us to let us know exactly what you are looking for in your roast. Mahalo for supporting 100% Kona Coffee, America’s gourmet home grown coffee. Your ideas or suggestions are always welcome.