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Green Beans

green beansLangenstein Farms generally uses a combination of grades and screen sizes to make our roasted 100% Kona coffee. Roasting coffee is an art and for those up to the challenge, it is the possibly the only way to get a unique roast for particular taste buds. The State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture currently has determined 4 grades of Kona Coffee and 2 different types. The standards for grades besides size also includes amount of defects. Type 1 bean- This is the typical bean with a flat side and the other side is rounded. The grades include, Extra Fancy, Fancy, No. 1 and Prime. The bean sizes are 19/64 for Extra Fancy, 18/64 Fancy, 17/64 No. 1 and 16/64 for Prime. Extra Fancy is the cleanest and Prime has the most defects, however size doesn’t impact quality as much as defects. Type 2 bean- This is for peaberry which is a single bean that is football shaped. There are two sizes of peaberry, the largest is No. 1 and No. 2 is smaller. We offer our 100% Kona Coffee on the top 3 sizes to a minimum of a No. 1 grade but offer our beans on screen sizes to appeal to the taste and price range of the buyer. Our online store offer green bean graded for the home roaster but for the coffee shop or retailer, we will gladly offer a sample of the bean size and grading standards they require. Please remember that the grading standards can change within the Dept. of Ag in Hawaii but the screen size is based on the actual size of the bean. Our opinion is that we will guarantee our product to the customers request but not all volumes or screen sizes are available in infinite quantities. Please express your interest by late summer or early fall to ensure that we can supply you as we do not always carry year round supply of green bean to purchase. The commercial customer may want to email or phone in advance of your order.